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Kick n' Stitch Broom Styles

Pictured below are products offered by Kick n' Stitch Brooms. Even though custom and personalized orders are not taken, some variations are available while remaining within the parameters of the established product style and design. Displaying all variations would prove impractical. Every broom is made with three things in mind; utility, aesthetics, and longevity. They are made to be used, crafted to offer a tasteful appearance, and constructed to last with proper use and care. Using pre-electric "body powered" equipment, though rewarding, the process is lengthy and physically intensive. It requires, but also allows for, utmost attention to the smallest of details resulting in the certainty of a soundly made product; a product that is intended to give full customer satisfaction and completely backed by the broom maker.

Ordering instructions at the bottom of the page.
House Brooms
House brooms are soft-sweeping brooms and come in standard and kitchen size. They are offered with a choice of two top binding finishes, a double leather flax twine weave or single leather. With either, the flat shape is maintained using a leather band stitched together with hemp twine. The handles are 3/4 inch diameter oak with a bees wax/wood stain mixture polished finish. Handle lengths, hence the overall broom length, are sized per customer request. Please inquire.

$45, $55, & $65 depending on style
Kitchen Style Broom
House Broom
Kitchen Style with Woven Top
Kitchen Style - Oiled and Natural Leather
House Broom, Standard and Woven Top - leather not oiled
House Broom, Standard and Woven Top - leather not oiled
Hearth Brooms
Hearth Brooms are also offered with some shape variation from those pictured. Handles have been given a rustic, distressed appearance and their length can be adjusted to match companion fireplace tool sets. The woven top is standard.

Standard Style: $65
Fan: $75
Goose Wing: $85
Standard Hearth Broom
Fantail Hearth Broom
Goose Wing Hearth Broom
Hearth Brooms with Embossed Leather "Facer"

Standard Hearth Broom used for this style.

Fitted with a leather "facer" to enhance the visual appeal, this style is tooled with different embossed imagery, following or accenting various interior decorating themes or capturing an expression of a personal interest such as the outdoors, wildlife, the frontier or Native American culture, etc. Securely stitched by hand to both sides the "facers" are guaranteed to stay on. Maxed out with leather these are prepared to hang out at any fireplace hearth. The theme designs can be put on one or both sides. If only one side design is requested the other will be left plane. Please inquire for design options.

Prices vary depending on facer design, and embossing method; laser, stamped or hand tooled. Pricing starts at $105 and up.
Native American Symbols
Native American Symbols
Native American Symbol
Mountain Range
Side View
Cowboy Hat
Deer Buck
Cowboy Hat (detail view)
Deer Buck (detail view)
Trout (detail view)
Camper Brooms
From a customer request for a handy size broom suitable for use in a camper these brooms are smaller versions of the House style. Though labeled "camper" they can be used most anywhere. They are designed for smaller areas; to get in tighter places. Handle length can be cut to order for storage purposes, etc.

$35 - $55
Whisk Brooms
Useful in a workshop, a car or truck, and perfect for dustpans these are offered with or without the leather sheath. This size with the handle left long makes for a very useful broom for accessing really tight, hard to get places. A wide selection of images or logos can be laser etched on to the sheath for personalization. Hand embossing also available, price varying according to the details. Please inquire.

Standard Whisk: $25
Woven Whisk: $35
Sheath: $20
Long Handle Whisk: $35
Standard and Woven Top Whisk - Natural Leather
Standard and Woven Top Whisk - Oiled Leather
"Bow Tie" Whisk
With golfers in mind this double ended whisk, resembling it's name, is made for brushing off clubs and shoes. It offers two bristled ends with different stiffnesses. With an attached leather loop it may hang from the golf bag for convenient access.

Orders are taken over the phone where details and particulars can be discussed to best assure you get the broom you want. Certain styles are best handled this way. Please send an email of interest with phone number and the best time to call or when not to call. Designated times are set aside for phoning so the work of broom making can go on with planned breaks. Thank you for your interest!